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ffers practical, easy-to-follow guidelines for anyone interested in adopting a child. You will find scores of special ideas and hundreds of helpful Internet sites that will increase your chances of finding the right child to adopt while saving you money.
Includes stories from adoptive parents & birth parents who have had successful Internet adoptions, showing the techniques they & thousands of other families and professionals have used through the Internet.

ABC Adoptions.com

Find details on adopting a baby. Visit the adoption hotline, read adoption postings and learn more about the process.

International Information by Country
International adoption information sorted by country. Includes adoption stories from parents.

ADOPTING FROM KOREA: A Prospective Parent's Guide to Korean Adoption
Written by an adoptive parent, this site guides prospective adoptive parents through the International adoption and Korean adoption process. Comprehensive, original information and related links.

Adoptive Parenting
Collection of links from About.com.

Afterhours Inspirational Stories: Adoption
Personal stories from adoptive parents.

Parenting the Adopted Teenager
Information about the issues which can arise when dealing with an adopted adolescent.

Roots & Wings Adoption Magazine
Article about talking to a child's school about adoption.

Unique Families: Adoption and Special Needs
Support for parents with children with special needs or children who are adopted. Mailing lists, articles by parents and professionals, resources.


ABC Adoptions, an Internet adoption Web site.

For pregnancy and adoption information, 
go to Birthmother.org


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